Biography of Norbert Dufourcq (1904-1990)

French organist, and musicologist, was organist of St-Merry, one of the founders of the friends of the organ and Professor at the Paris Conservatory from 1941. Among his prolific work is the publication of works by Nivers, Bornemann, Boëly and Dornel, organ among others; works for harpsichord of Lebègue; He worked in the scientific editions of the books of authors such as Couperin, Grigny and Titelouze organ and reissued Clérambault, D'arquin and Raison. Also edited magazines like L'orgue, Orgue et Liturgie and them big heures de l'orgue, as well as the works La musique des origines à us jours and the Larousse of the musique.