Biography of Charles François Dumouriez (1739-1823)

French General, born in 1739 and died in 1823. He took the first weapons in Hanover, soon amounted to captain, and having been left without a job, was a secret agent of France in Portugal and Sweden. He was commissioned in Poland to deal with heads of independence and, promoted to Colonel, was awarded the Government of Cherbourg. Named Minister of foreign business in 1792, he left portfolio to go to send the Maulde camp and the army of the Ardennes, which became the famous campaign that concluded in Valmy. After this victory he entered negotiations with the King of Prussia, consenting to leave out his army without obstacle with the condition that had to relinquish Belgium, whose sovereignty hoped to have. Indeed, the Prussians withdrew without being persecuted and Dumouriez was to take command of the army of the North. Shortly after the battle of Jemmapes it won against the Austrians and conquered throughout Belgium in a few weeks. but, defeated in Nerwinde and forced to return to France formed, the project of marching with the Austrians against Paris, dissolve the Convention and establishing the monarchy in favour of the Duke of Chartres (Luis Felipe). This is why it held a treaty with the enemy general. He tried, but in vain, to open the doors of Mons and seeing discovered their plans, was passed to the Austrians with the Duke of Chartres and part of its staff, after having delivered as hostages to the war Minister and four Commissioners sent by the Convention to set it. After touring several European countries was set in England, whose Government was awarded a pension of 1,200 pounds for services rendered. It is said that gave the English the plans of campaigns against France and that requested Luis XVIII and Napoleon of Marshal baton. He left written many works, such as: present state of the Kingdom of Portugal, correspondence with the Minister by the Guerra, Pache, political peek over the future of France, speculative picture of Europe and judgment on Bonaparte, memories.