Biography of Dorothy Faye Dunaway (1941-VVVV)

American actress born in Bascom, Florida on January 14, 1941. Born in the bosom of a modest family, Faye had to work as a child almost. He/She worked as the trades of waitress, model, singer of cabaret, etc., until, at the suggestion of a friend, was presented in a dish for a film test.

Faye enrolled after the school of dramatic art in Boston, but did not follow the courses, because its interpretation in a small role in Medea earned him a scholarship to study next to Elia Kazan. He/She spent three years in the company of the Lincoln Center Repertory of New York, which intervened in works A man for all seasons, After the fall, and Tartuffe. In 1965 he/she participated in Hogan's goat.

In 1966 he/she obtained a small role in the film The happening and began the astonishing success of an actress, that Premminger was called to interpret the desired night.

Starting from here, films such as Bonnie and Clye (1967) with Warren Beatty, the case of Thomas Crown (1968) along with Steeve McQueen, lovers (1968), engagement (1969), little big man (1970) with Dustin Hoffmann, Chinatown (1974) with Jack Nicholson and Network (1976), which received the Oscar for best actress and was his world consecration.

These was followed by titles such as the voyage of the damned (1976), the eyes of Laura Mars (1978), champion (1979), The first deady without (1980), Supergirl 1984 or Barfly.

On January 6, 1988, the National Association of foreign correspondents accredited in Hollywood awarded him the Golden Globe Award as one of the best actresses in 1988.

He attended the delivery of the César awards in 1988 and presented his Burgning Secret film at this Festival. In early 1989 he/she worked in the movie waiting spring, Jacques Derrudere, along with Joe Mantegna and Ornella Mutti. Also in 1989 is her role of death in the film's metaphysical character partitta, of Carlo Vanzina, which shares the role of protagonist with Matthew Modine.

He played alongside Rutger Hauer film Il tenth clandestine, the Director Lina Wertmüller. With this same Director and protagonist, in September 1989 opened the Venice Film Festival with the screening of In a notte di chiaro di luna, which was filmed in several European cities and dealing with a journalist who wants to write a report on AIDS.

In 1992, he/she worked with Jerry Lewis and Johnny Depp in Arizona drean, a European vision of the American dream. In December 1993, along with Dick Clark, was in charge of the presentation programa-sorteo of the FIFA World Cup, which was held in United States in the summer of 1994.

It has also participated in several films and television series: After the fall (1974), The diasapearance of Aimee (1976), Hogan's goat (1981), Mommie dearest (1981), Evita (1981), The Wicked lady (1983), Cristóbal Colón (1984) and 13 at dinner (1985).

Faye Dunaway married in 1974 with Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band soloist Rock Band. Then, in 1982, he/she married the photographer Terry O'Neill, who has a daughter named Liam. On March 27, 1987 he/she divorced O'Neil.

In addition to the above, his dramatic activity, which has remained frantic in the last years of the 20th century and early 21st, can Excel in the drunk (1987) Barbet Schroeder, Casanova (1987) of Simon Langton, secret (1988) burning of Andrew Birkin, a place called Cold Sassy (1989) of Joan Tewkesbury, the tale of the maiden (1990) by Volker Schlöndorff(1991) burning bodies of David Beaird, the substitute (1993) by Tom Holland, the dream of Arizona (1993) of Emir Kusturica, Don Juan DeMarco (1995) from Jeremy Leven, final Decision (1995) by Donald Wrye, suspicious neighbors (1996) by Tim Hunter, trap the alligator (1996) of Kevin Spacey, in the arms of the mature woman (1996), de Manuel Lombardero, Juana de Arco (1999) by Luc BessonIs looking for a killer (1999) of William Tannen, the secret of Thomas Crown (1999) John McTiernan, candidate to everything (2000) by Ron Lagomarsino, the other face of crime (2000) by James Gray, rules of the game (2002) Roger Avary and Jennifer' shadow (2004) by Daniel of Vega and Pablos Parés.