Biography of Carlos Durán Cartín (1852-1924)

Costa Rican politician born in San José on November 12, 1852 and died in the same town on 23 November 1924.

He studied medicine in England and I specialize in surgery. During the greater part of his life he/she worked as a doctor and became the most important Costa Rican surgeon of his time. As a researcher, teacher and great worker devoted their knowledge and experience for the good of the country. Developed much of his career as a physician in the Hospital San Juan de Dios, charity, the school of nursing and the Chapui asylum Board; He/She was one of the founders of these two institutions.

In relation to his political career he/she held posts in the ministries of the Interior, police and development, during the Government of Bernardo Soto. He/She was a Deputy in the Congress and President of the Chamber. On November 7, 1889 replaced Bernardo Soto as President of the Republic, in order to avoid a possible confrontation between the people and the ruling class, since the internal situation of Costa Rica had become very dangerous.

Carlos Durán exercised power for six months, which counted with the collaboration of Ricardo Jiménes. During his Government recovered the order in the country because it ruled with justice and prudence.

In 1914 was one of the three candidates for the Presidency, but none of them obtained the necessary votes to form a Government. Duran and Max Fernández presented his resignation and the other candidate was rejected by constitutional precept. In the end the Congress appointed President Alfredo GonzálezFlores.