Biography of Robert Duvall (1931-VVVV)

Actor, director and producer of American cinema, born January 5, 1931 in San Diego (California, United States).


Son of an amateur actress and a member of the United States Navy, Robert studied history in the Principia College in Elsah (Illinois) and interpretation in various centers until, after spending two years in the army, in the mid-1950s he entered at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York where intervened in various assemblies with works by Tennessee Williams and Horton Foote. At that stage already established friendship with Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman, among other future actors.

His first cinematographic steps gave next to Gregory Peck in two major films, to kill a Mockingbird (1962) and Captain Newman (1963), directed by Robert Mulligan and David Miller, respectively. Gradually his career progressed and intervened in some titles representative of these years. This is how he took part in an excellent detective film and action as Bullit (1968), where Steve McQueen managed one of the roles that launched him as the undisputed star. It was directed by Peter Yates.

His career continued, always in supporting roles, but got that all professionals, from producers to directors, passing by the writers, be fixed in this quiet, attractive man without being handsome, who always did what was expected of him. It is not surprising therefore that Francis Ford Coppola called him to participate in two of the most important movies that have been made in the United States since the seventies. It's the Godfather (1972-74), two films without which you can not explain the history of contemporary cinema. They recovered the prestige a myth as Marlon Brando, while Al Pacino, Robert de Niro and many others, were able to launch to fame and success. Next to them was Robert Duvall, in the role of the lawyer, Counselor of the Corleone family and his performance was memorable. Very well directed, Duvall gave a course of interpretation that he did, from the secondary position it occupied in the deal, that the most majority public should be set on it.

Coppola was so satisfied with his performance which, in 1979, returned to have him, this time it was in another movie that has gone down in history, the controversial and impressive Apocalypse Now. He assumed the role of Commander of a unit of cavalry in the modern sense of the weapon. That is, horses were replaced by helicopters. In that epic with lashes of philosophy which Coppola wrote inspired in the heart of darkness from Conrad and set in the Viet Nam war, Duvall shone with own light. In its role as the unit's Commander, Duvall was a prodigious interpretation. Rarely seen on the screen better embody the psychology of the military. Guerrero and paternalistic at the same time, enjoying the heat of combat, but while longing for the scenery and customs of their native land, Duvall has embodied as few have done intimate personality of the warrior by vocation. See him go carefree, while a its around projectiles made impact, restless to neutralize the enemy and enjoy surfing at the same time, it added glamor a surreal tone, requiring an actor for a part to make it credible.

Since then his career has continued without much noise, touching awards that has failed, but that have not concerned him too. Live away from large cities, on a ranch where enjoyed field, outdoor and where he studied characters who all offered insurance that will do it beautifully, although no one considers him a star. It is a film that recalls, his way of being and acting, Edward g. Robinson, Walter Brennan and Lee J. Cobb, who did succeed many films without noise and leaving the brightness for others less gifted than them.

Throughout his career he has been director of several films: Angelo, My Love (1983) and road which has also been producer and acts to Heaven (1998).

Her love life has gone through a series of marriages: Sharon Brophy, dance teacher; Gail Youngs, actress; and, finally, Barbara Benjamin, designer.

Robert Duvall is the typical child who knows to extract the maximum of opportunities that offer and, on many occasions, his performances exceed the of the star protagonist. It does never hurt a role and acts with professionalism and efficiency.

Consider it as the best supporting actor given the comparable American cinema for his way of acting and versatility to the British Alec Guinness. Any director wants to have it at its disposal and the public recognition of their professional category. But, although a prominent comedian, gives the impression that your chances of becoming a first figure have passed, and not for lack of qualities.

In 2003 he received the Donostia award at the 51st Edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival.


1962: Kill a Mockingbird. 1963: Captain Newman. 1964: Nightmare in the Sun. 1966: The Chase. 1968: The detective; Bullit; Countdown. 1969: Rains on my heart; Value of law. 1970: M.A.S.H.; The Revolutionary. 1971: On behalf of the law; THX 1138. 1972: The Godfather; Tomorrow; Law without hope; Joe Kidd. 1973: Cold as diamond; The Ouffit; Following the traces of the crime. 1974: The conversation; The Godfather, part two. 1975: Aristocrats of crime; Escape suicide; We're Not the Jet Set (director only). 1976: Elemental Dr Freud; Network, a ruthless world. 1977: Now is the Eagle; The best. 1978: Betsy, the saga of the Hardeman; The invasion of the ultracuerpos. 1979: Apocalypse Now. 1980: The gift of courage. 1981: True confessions; A million dollars in the air. 1983: Thank you and favors (and co-producer); Angelo My Love (director only). 1984: the best; Stone Boy. 1985: The lightship; Belizaire the Cajun. 1986: Colonial hotel; Let's Get Harry. 1988: Colors: colors of war. 1989: The tale of the maiden. 1990: days of Thunder; Under another flag. 1991: The gang; The power of ambition. 1992: The plague; Days of fury. 1993: Geronimo.1994: behind the news. 1995: Some of that talk; The Scarlet Letter; The Stars Fell on Henrietta. 1996: Phenomenon; A Family Thing (and producer); Sling Blade. 1997: The way of the sky (and director and executive producer). 1998: The Gingerbread Man; Deep Impact; A Civil Action.

Works for television (selection)

He took part in several episodes of the series Naked City, Route 66, the untouchables, the fugitive, Combat!, The F.B.I., Saturday Night Live, The Outer Limits, among others.Also: 1959: Jailbreak (episode of Armstrong Circle Theatre). 1960: John Brown completo Raid. 1963: The Lieutenant; Bad Actor (Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode). 1966: Fame Is the Name of the Game.1967: Cosa Nostra, Arch Enemy of the F.B.I. 1978: Ike: The War Years. 1982: Aliens From Another Planet. 1983: The Terry Fox Story. 1989: Lonesome Dove (series). 1991: The Godfather Family: A Look Inside. 1992: Stalin.1996: The Man Who Captured Eichmann (only Prod. Executive).

Other works

1984: Sanford Meisner: The American Theatr completo Best Kept Secret. 1991: Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse.