Biography of Francisco Javier Echeverría (1797-1841)

Mexican politician, tenth third (acting) President of the Republic in 1841, born in Jalapa (Veracruz) on July 25, 1797 and died in the city of Mexico on September 17, 1852. He/She was Minister for finance on two occasions and by his short Government could not undertake important actions.

Belonging to a wealthy family of Veracruz, Francisco Javier Echeverría, educated to the trade, not graduated, although he/she studied Finance or accounting. He/She devoted himself to commercial activities until 1829, began his career political as member of Congress by Veracruz and later member of the Finance Committee. In 1834 he/she was appointed Finance Minister under the Government of Antonio López de Santa Anna, but its conservative nature and their refusal to negotiate with the federalists, left office. Since 1834 Echeverria moved to city of Mexico. His tenure at the head of the Mexican Hacienda was mediocre and was an incentive for the Government to give a decisive turn toward free trade.

Being President Anastasio Bustamante, Echeverria returned to the portfolio of Finance (1841). Echeverria, who mixed their personal affairs with the management of the public Treasury, said after resign (March 1831) that the Treasury owed the sum of $600,000, amount which was not suited to his family until after his death. When the President asked permission to put in front of the army, Echeverria was appointed Acting President by being the oldest Advisor (September 22, 1841). It was part of his Cabinet, as Minister of war and Navy, Juan Nepomuceno Almonte, who was later President of the Republic. He/She was in the post only eighteen days, since 22 September he/she was deposed by the Board of representatives of departments and general Santa Anna was in charge of the Government. When he/she left politics he/she devoted himself to the administration of prisons and of the Academy of San Carlos, which improved in many respects. In 1850 he/she returned to politics, again as Deputy for Veracruz. francisco Javier Echeverría was married to Refugio Almanza and died of natural death.


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