Biography of King of Inglaterra Eduardo IV (1441-1483)

King of England, son of Ricardo, Duke of York, born in 1441 and died in 1483. Character emblematic of the war of the two roses, as head of the party of the White Rose disputed Crown Enrique VI, whom he/she defeated in Northampton, along with supporters of the Rosa Roja. It was proclaimed King in 1461. He/She was Dethroned in 1470 and restored a year later.

He married Elizabeth Woodville, which caused him the enmity of his ally the Earl of Warwick. Defeated in Nottingham in 1470, he/she sought refuge in Burgundy, where the Duke Carlos assisted him. Recovered, he/she beat and killed Henry VI, Duke of Lancasterand the Earl of Warwick.

He tried to assert their rights to the French throne, but Luis XI avoided it by means of the Treaty of Picquigy in 1475. He/She tried to then invade France, but failed. Did not return to England until his death.

He commanded murder his brother Jorge, Duke of Clarence by repeated uprisings against him organized. He/She ended his days immersed in alcohol.