Biography of Elías (ca. 860 a.C.)

(Eliyyahu or Elia) The Old Testament prophet, born in Tishbeh of Gilead (Jordan) and quoted virtually in all the books of the Bible. Elias developed his prophetic during the reign of Ahab, which spread the religion of Yahweh and was also the protagonist of different miracles (multiplication of fishmeal and oil, resurrection of a child). Considered by the King "disturbing of Israel" after different acts (killing of the prophets of Baal, end of the long drought in the country), Elias had to flee from the wrath of Queen Jezebel, flattering of the Tyrians cults, especially Baal, but not take on face at the King one of his crimes. He/She even announced the death of the monarch, who was held at Ramoth-Gilead. Elias instructed in the prophetic Elisha, who was his successor. In turning to the figure of Elias weave the story of his "ascension" (according to the book of 2 Kings was elevated to heaven in a chariot of fire), thus opening up the hope of his return, also prophetically announced. Numerous episodes of his life are difficult historical argumentation.