Biography of Adam Elsheimer o Elzeimer (1578-1610)

German painter born in 1574 and died in 1620. It was also called "Adam of Frankfurt", "Elzeimer" or "Il Tedesco".

Disciple of Offenbach, went to study in Rome and acquired such a reputation that he was admitted to the Academy of San Lucas. He excelled in the landscape and in allegorical and mythological themes. His teachings were vital in the production of painters as famous as David Teniers and Tomás Hagelstein. His most famous works are: flight to Egypt; Decapitation of San Juan Bautista; The good Samaritan; Ceres in house of Hecuba, the latter conserved in the Museum of Madrid.

Flight to Egypt (copper, 1609). Alte Pinakothek, Munich.

The dream of Jacob (oil on copper, 1609). Städelsches Kunstinstitut (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).