Biography of Elvira. Queen of León [esposa de Alfonso V] (¿-1052)

Queen of Leon, wife of Alfonso V. She was the daughter of the counts don Mendo González and Doña Mayor, in whose Palace of Galicia the son of Bermudo II had spent his childhood. So that, as they loved as children, and the mother of Alfonso V in Doña Elvira Méndez recognized all the good skills that were needed to make the happiness of the King and people, it did not drawback in choosing it for her son. The marriage took place late in the year 1008 or 1009 early. They were born of this marriage: Bermudo, who inherited the Crown, third of this name; Sancha, who became owner of Leon, and first Queen in Castilla of this name; and Jimena, who married the count don Diego de Asturias, and was the mother of another famous character of the same name, Doña Jimena Díaz, wife of don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known by the nickname of el CID. At the time of his reign was when the bishops gathered and Lords of the realm and in the presence of don Alfonso y Doña Elvira had a Council in the Cathedral, which enacted laws more suitable for the State; laws which were put into practice in the year 1020 with the name of Fueros de Leon. Elvira died the year 1052.