Biography of Queen of Holanda Emma (1858-1934)

Queen Regent of the Netherlands born in Arolsen, Germany, on August 2, 1858, and died in the Hague, Netherlands, on March 20, 1934. It was Queen Regent of Holland during the minority of age of his daughter Guillermina, between December 8, 1890 and the 31 of August of 1898, in which was crowned Queen the Crown Princess.

Adelaida Emma Guillermina Teresa of Waldeck-Pyrmont was the daughter of Prince Jorge VĂ­ctor of Waldeck-Pyrmont and Elena Guillermina de Nassau. He/She married in Arolsen on 7 January 1879 the King Guillermo III of Holland. For King, it was his second marriage. They had one daughter, the Princess Guillermina de Holanda, born on 31 August 1880. Because of the chronic disease that Guillermo King suffered and which died on 23 November 1890, Emma of the Netherlands was named Regent of the Kingdom and had to take care of the business of State during the minority of her daughter's age. He/She served this Regency from 1890 until August of 1898, in which was crowned Queen his daughter Guillermina.

During the period of Regency, he/she knew how to win the sympathies of the subjects Dutch and skillfully directed the Affairs of State of the country. It fostered the charity and by leaving his position as Regent, donated a significant amount of money that had been granted by courts for the Foundation of a hospital dedicated to infectious diseases and tuberculosis.