Biography of Luciano Emmer (1918-2009)

Director, screenwriter and producer of Italian cinema born in Milan (Italy) on January 19, 1918. He/She died in Rome, on September 16, 2009.


Together with the also director and producer Enrico Gras, founded in 1944 Dolomitti Film producer, which began his career in film directing several documentaries, task that was devoted for almost five years before debuting in the commercial cinema in 1950 with Domenica d'agosto. Played by Marcello Mastroianni, it is a folkloric tale of stories cross-reviews around the beach of Ostia, near Rome. The film has a very clear Neorealist influence: not in vain write the script some of the greats of this move as Franco Brusatti and Cesare Zavattini.

In 1955 he/she directed his most ambitious film, and one of the best of its production, Camilla, a turbulent melodrama, written in collaboration with Ennio Flaianno, about the disintegration of the family of a doctor saved from ruin by the old matriarch, Camilla. Very close aesthetic and personally to cinematic neorealism, directed to his friend the director and actor Vittorio de Sica , which is its most successful blockbusters, the bigamist (1956). In this comedy in which Emmer retrieves a costumbrista vein close to the best comedy of the sixties Italian, Mastroianni plays a salesman falsely accused of bigamist which defends a splendid De Sica.


Codirigidos shorts (with Enrico Gras)

1941: Racconto gives an African. 1942: Romanzo di a ' time. 1943: Il cantico delle creature; Destination d'amore; Il conte di luna; Guerrieri.1947: Bianchi passoli; Sulla via di Damascus. 1948: Romantini Venezia; Il paradiso Terrestre; Il dramma di Cristo; The legenda di Sant'Orsola. 1949: Piero della Francesca.


1951: Marriage alla moda; Goya. 1953: Leonardo da Vinci. Gli eroi dell'artide. 1956: Jehanne (Co-Director); Cavalcata di mezzo seccolo. 1957: Paradise on Earth.

Feature films

1950: Domenica d'agosto (and co-writer). 1951: Paris, always Paris (and co-writer). 1952: three in love (and co-writer). 1953: Terza liceo (and co-writer). 1955: Camilla (and coargumento and co-writer). 1956: the bigamist. 1957: Il piĆ¹ bello moment. 1961: La ragazza in vetrina (and coargumento and script).