Biography of King of Asiria Enlil-kudurri-usur (1197-1192 a.C.)

(In-lil-SHA.DU-SHESH or in-lil-SHA.DU-u-South) Assyrian king who, according to the actual list, was son of Tukulti-Ninurta I and happened on the throne to his brother Ashur-nadin-apli and his son Ashur-nirari III. Apparently, to seize power was forced to set aside violently to his nephew, totally inept King, who had placed their trust in such a Nabudan, which acted as easy. With Enlil-kudurri-usur rivalry with Babylon, already known from long ago, returned to re-emerge and although it is unknown the progress of such confrontation this resulted in a decisive battle in which the Assyrian king was defeated by the Babylonian King Adad-shum-usur. Shortly thereafter, the Assyrian king would be assassinated in his own fortress, perhaps in Assur. The successor of Enlil-kudurri-usur was Ninurta-APAL-Ekur, an Assyrian from Royal blood, probabilonio, educated in Babylon.