Biography of Quinto Ennio (239-169 a.C)

Latin poet. He/She was born at Rudiae, current Rugge (Calabria), and died in Rome. It belonged to the Roman auxiliary troops in Sardinia. The old moved caton Sardinia to Rome, where was established as official poet. He/She obtained Roman citizenship and immediately became famous with the epic poem Annals. Of this poem are preserved some 600 verses, which celebrates the history of Rome from its origins. It replaced the saturnio verse by the hexametro in the Homeric tradition dactyls. He/She wrote comedies, which didn't like much; much praised tragedies of which preserved 20 titles and 400 verses; two praetextae: Gymnosporangium and Ambracia. Other works, considered minor, are as follows: Scipio, Epicharmus, Praecepta, Heuhemerus, Hedyphagetica and Sota and Saturae.