Biography of King of Inglaterra Enrique I (1068-1137)

King of England, son of Guillermo, the Conqueror, born in 1068 and died in 1137. He/She had ongoing clashes with his brothers Guillermo the Red and Roberto II, Duke of Normandy. He/She held the Crown of England on the death of his brother Guillermo, in the year 1100, and initiated an important legislative work. That same year, he/she married Matilda, daughter of the King of Scotland. In 1107, signed the Pact of Westminster, which ended the conflict that pitted Church against the Crown because of the endowment (see: war of the Endowment).

It maintained continuous wars in France and against the counts of Anjou and Flanders, which ended with the conquest of Normandy against his brother Robert, the domain of the County of Blois and with the signing of an alliance with the Empire. It faced the House of Anjou with the marriage between his son Guillermo and the daughter of Foulques V, count of Anjou; but Guillermo died in the wreck of the Blanche-nef in 1120, with which the union could not be held. He/She married then his daughter Matilde Godofredo de Anjou, son and heir of Fulk V.

At his death he/she gave the throne to his daughter and his son-in-law, but this did not prevent Stephen of Blois, his nephew, to usurp the throne.