Biography of Enrique II. King of Castilla (1333-1379)

King of Castile, born in Seville in 1333 and died in Burgos in 1379. Known before he/she ascended to the throne under the name of count of Trastamara, for taking that name Rodríguez Álvarez, his protector, Enrique was the bastard son of Alfonso XI and his lover Leonor de Guzmán.

Just Alfonso died in 1350, started Henry and his brothers to promote riots against the King Pedro of Castile, then very young, and reached coligar with the widowed Queen, who had commanded to kill Leonor de Guzmán. After several unsuccessful rebellions, Enrique sought refuge in France and returned shortly afterwards followed by the mercenary free companies, called white companies, instructing Beltran Duguesclin; defeated in the famous battle of Nájera, involving Eduardo Prince black, he/she retired again to France; in 1368, helped by France, entered for the second time in Spain with better luck, arrived to Castile and after defeated the little army of his brother, killed this in Montiel helped by Castilian nobles, who promised substantial rewards, and by Duguesclin, which not only attracted to don Pedro to a lying in wait, but that, as it hasHe assisted Henry in the fight to split arm which is locked between the two brothers.(See battle of Montiel).

He was proclaimed King in Calahorra and other populations in 1369. Owner of the throne Henry, was so prodigal with its flattering that the Treasury left exhausted and became proverbial in Spain enriquenas donations, hence the nickname of the Mercedes.

His reign was beset by the rush of other realms (Navarra and Aragon) and even Portugal, England and the Dukes of York and Lancaster; the latter claimed as legitimate the throne of Enrique to be married to the daughters of the late Pedro I. The economic crisis was inevitable to meet the promised rewards and to cope with the costs of continuous wars.

The Castilian fleet could rein in Portugal in 1370; Granada surrendered in the same year. In 1371 Henry defeated forces of the previous monarch and also established peace with Navarre and Aragon. Resolved internal issues, it provided support with its Navy to France. Together, they liberated La Rochelle of the Englishmen and cleared the channel of La Mancha. The Duke of Lancaster, however, allied with Portugal; but the Castilian army was superior and the Portuguese city of Santarém was the setting where peace between Enrique and Fernando I of Portugal was sealed in 1373, while France diminished the army of English Duke. Pawned ending Henry Lancaster, entered into the Peninsula by Navarre, but the Spanish had anticipated and by signing peace with Carlos II of Navarre, definitely defeated the Duke of Lancaster.(See battle of La Rochelle).

He died, according to some, poisoned by a few boots that sent the King of Granada, and according to others, an attack of gout. In his testament refers first of entailed estates, even though they already knew before.