Biography of King of Inglaterra Enrique VII (1457-1509)

King of England, head of the Tudor family, born in 1457 and died in 1509. It descended by female line of the third son of Eduardo III, Juan de Gante, Duke of Lancaster, whose granddaughter, Margarita of Somerset, married the father of Enrique VII, Edmundo Tudor.

He took part in the war of the two roses, for the sake of the Lancaster and against Ricardo III, who represented the House of York and who defeated him in Tewkesbury. Then Henry took refuge in Britain and then in France, from where it returned to England with an army that beat and killed Ricardo III at Bosworth, which put an end to the war. It was the year 1485. Shortly after, to strengthen the new peace, married Isabel, the heiress of the House of York.

In 1487, appeared in Scotland a young man claiming to belong to the House of York, which, along with some local nobles, revolted. They were quickly defeated and showed that the young man was not but an imposter. Veneered this revolt, it exploded another, this time because of the taxes. A such Perkin Warbeck, ensuring to be son of Eduardo IV, revolted, helped by the followers of the House of York, but in 1499 was defeated and executed. The King, tired of so many insurrections, set out to dominate the nobility of once and forever, for it took it was exhausted after the civil war and deprived of their rights to keep troops on war footing; he/she imposed the authority of the King over any other.

Pacified his Kingdom, he/she carried out several commercial companies which brought significant benefits, as well as two expeditions to France in search of increasing their income. On his death, the country, and especially the Royal coffers enjoyed an extraordinary abundance. The King had achieved peace and prosperity after decades of civil war.

He married Catherine of Aragonto his eldest son, and his death married it with his second son Henry VIII. Also married his daughter Margarita with James IV of Scotland, with what the two crowns were United.

His successor was his son, Henry VIII.