Biography of Alberto Enríquez Gallo (1895-1962)

Military and Ecuadorian ruler, the "Pachuzala" property in the parish of Tanicuchi (Latacunga canton), born on July 24, 1895, and died in Quito on July 13, 1962. He/She held the Presidency of the Republic as a dictator from the 23 October 1937 until August 10, 1938. He/She studied elementary school of the Christian brothers, and Vicente León de Latacunga, began the secondary school to complete on Mejía from Quito.

Since he/she witnessed the battles of Chasqui (1906), he/she felt strong inclination towards the military life. At the outbreak of the conflict with Peru in 1910, and having barely 15 years old, joined voluntarily as drum Pichincha Battalion. Later, in different courses and military action, was climbing in the rankings military to the grade of general that granted the President Federico Páez, in 1935. He/She participated in the military revolution that deposed President Gonzalo S. Córdova in 1925, and defended the President Isidro Ayora conjuring up a revolt against. He/She also supported the overthrow of Velasco Ibarra - supporting the rise of Antonio Pons Campuzano- in 1934, when he/she intended to proclaim himself dictator. The following year, Enríquez promoted the dictatorship of Federico Páez Godfather; but when this was intended to be President for four years, Enriquez was proclaimed dictator by the military. He/She remained in power for nine months and a half, until, in honorable and noble gesture, he/she set aside as he/she had promised, once the constituent Assembly appointed new President. During his tenure, issued several important laws for the country: approved the legal status of the rural communities; issued the Act and the General Regulation of cooperatives, the law of Social assistance, Civil marriage, the juvenile code and the labour code (1938), body of law which regulates employer-employee relationships and recognizes necessary guarantees for workers, including the right to strike. His brief Administration went down in history as a period of peace, freedom and social and legal progress.