Biography of Stein Eriksen (1927-VVVV)

Born in Oslo, Norwegian skier on December 11, 1927, world champion and Olympic alpine skiing. Considered a pioneer of modern skiing, Eriksen revolutionized the techniques used in several Alpine modalities and contributed to the development of the mode of freestyle in the United States, country where he/she resided since 1955.

From a very young sport occupied pride of place in his life due to the influence of his father, an Olympic athlete who competed in the games of 1912 in the discipline of gymnastics; the young Stein also practiced this sport, which undoubtedly helped him to acquire a few exceptional physical powers. His first success as a skier came in the World Championships of 1950, held in Aspen, where took the bronze medal in the slalom mode; in this North American locality, rather than by the result obtained, Eriksen began to draw attention by a particular style of skiing, characterized by keeping the legs together, technique in the large following dating revealed tremendously effective.

In 1952 in his country played Olympics he/she won the gold medal in the giant slalom, so it could sign his name as first Olympic champion in such a test, and won the silver medal in the slalom, only surpassed by the Swiss specialist O. Schneider. However, the highlight of his career came in the following World Championships of 1954 in Falum-Are (Sweden), where it added three golds in the slalom, combined and giant slalom Alpine, tests matching in this way what has been achieved by the Italian slipped in 1950.

After achieving these successes, he/she moved to the United States to start a career apart from the competition: over the years fifty were famous exhibits, which attracted considerable public and to charge the amount of one thousand dollars. Its purpose of performing exercises that are more spectacular converted to Eriksen in one of the first skiers of history in acrobatic skiing, reason why many consider him to be the "father" of the modern discipline of freestyle.

After ending his career, he/she served as Professor and director of several prestigious ski schools American, including Boyne Mountain (Michigan), Aspen and Vermont; in 1981 he/she joined the Deer Valley Resort, one of the main centers for free skiing. Among other awards, Eriksen received the Knight of first class given by the King of Norway and the Pioneer Award, by the American Association of Ski Areas.