Biography of Queen of Provenza Ermengarda (855-?)

Provence Queen born in 855. He/She was the daughter of the Emperor Luis II, and married Boson, brother-in-law of Carloman, King of Bavaria and Governor of Lombardy designao by Carlos Calvo. Boson had poisoned his first wife to marry Ermengarde, by which his brother-in-law expelled him from Italy and Carlos gave him compensation in Provence. Ermengarde made her husband take the title of King of Arles; It pushed him to claim to the Kingdom of Italy, but not able to get it, as well as not increasing their States in wars that argued against the Kings of Neustria and Aquitaine. After dying her husband Luis, who was proclaimed King ruled Provence, during the minority of her son. When this reached the age of majority, he/she retired to the convent of St. Sixtus in Plasencia, where he/she died.