Biography of Oswaldo Escobar Velado (1919-1961)

Poet and Salvadoran lawyer, born in Santa Ana in 1919 and died in San Salvador on July 15, 1961. In the contemporary history of Central American literature, it stands out as one of the most emblematic representatives of the wide current aesthetic centered on the social concern which, in EL Salvador, the poet Pedro Geoffroy Rivasgot underway.

Encouraged from a young age by an accused humanistic vocation, he studied higher laws and was involved in a violent political activity against the dictatorship of general Maximiliano Hernández Martínez. Thus, persecuted by his political opponents, was doomed to undertake the path of exile, which led him first to Costa Rica and then to Guatemala. This firm commitment to disadvantaged classes of their environment was superbly captured this social theme that is at the heart of his literary production. In this line, it was included along with other writers of his time within the group called six.

In the last years of his life, Oswaldo Escobar Velasco suffered a serious medical condition (cancer in the language) that forced him to move on several occasions to the U.S. city of Texas, where underwent a series of surgeries that failed to put an end to his evil. Finally, he returned to San Salvador to die there in the summer of 1961.

Among its rich poetic production, is obliged to point out the following titles: poems with your eyes closed (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1943); 10 Sonnets to thousand and more workers (San Salvador, 1950), tree of struggle and hope (San Salvador, 1951), volcano in time (San Salvador, 1955), Cristoamerica (1959), fist and lyric (anthology of Salvadoran poets; San Salvador, 1959), Blue Earth where deer crossing (San Miguel, 1959), Cubamerica (San SAlvador, 1960), Cuscatlan on T.V. (San Salvador, 1960), infinite Elegy (San Salvador, revista University life, 1961), selected poems (anthology run by Matilde Elena López; San Salvador, 1967), and exact homeland and other poems (with selection, preface and notes of Italo López Vallecillos; San Salvador, 1978).


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