Biography of Espartaco de Tracia (¿-71 a. C.)

Head of the second war of the slaves in Italy. After serving some time in the Roman army, he defected and began making war the oppressors of his country, but shortly after was imprisoned and destined to Gladiator of Capua circus. There he organized with his companions a conspiracy to get rid of slavery; denounced by one of the conspirators, he rushed to flee with seventy-four companions, who joined many others, and having obtained a victory over Claudio praetor, soon was at the head of an army of 10,000 men, which subsequently soared to number 60,000. He continued winning battles with great dismay of Rome, and projected out of Italy, which was opposed by his soldiers drunk with wins, and determined to conquer Rome. He marched along the Apennines, defeated the consuls Gelio Poplíclola and Cornelio Lentulo, and arrived on the banks of the Po, where he began to suffer setbacks. Always dragged by his soldiers he went to Rome, and was rejected in the Abruzzo by Crassus, retreating to the peninsula of Regio, where still won some victories. Finally, being unable to pass to Sicily as he wanted, he decided to give a general battle, in which he was defeated and died in the year 71 BC.