Biography of Pedro [pianista español] Espinosa (1934-2007)

Spanish pianist born in Galdar (Gran Canaria) on October 13, 1934 and died on 10 September 2007 in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). He/She received his first lessons of piano from his mother, to later study with Luis Prieto, Javier Alfonso, Alfred Cortot, Jules Gentil, Margot Pinter, Erwin Steuermann, Marguerite Long and David Tudor. In 1951 he/she won the extraordinary final at the Madrid Conservatory, which is what prompted him to continue his studies in France and Germany. In 1958 he/she got the Kranichstein prize at the international competition of contemporary music in Darmstadt (Germany), where he/she subsequently studied and related to the most influential composers of the time. Its diffuser work of contemporary music has been compared to that in its day was the also the pianist Ricardo Viñes. In 1965 Espinosa was awarded a scholarship by the Juan March Foundation for his work on the interpretation of the music for piano of this century.

He has performed as soloist with major orchestras Spanish and foreign and he/she has given numerous recitals in Paris and Venice biennials and festivals such as Granada, San Sebastián, Canarias, Santander, Alicante. To it are early versions heard in Spain of the Concord Sonata of Ives (1964), the first concert of Bartók (1967), of the Kavierstuck VI of Stockhausen (1972) and a large number of works for piano by Schoenberg, Messiaen, Boulez, Berg and Webern, although his repertoire also included classics. The Ravel Academy was regarded as one of the three best performers of the Concerto for the left hand of the French musician. Several Spanish composers such as Antón Larrauri and Ramón Barce have dedicated his works. Canary pianist also made important pedagogical work at the conservatories in Pamplona and Madrid, and taught at Lyon, Fribourg and Geneva. Espinosa was a member of the Royal Academy of fine arts of the Canary Islands.