Biography of Estanislao Leczinski. King of Polonia (1682-1766)

He was born in 1682 and died in 1766. His father was Rafael Leczinski, Palatine of Posnania and Grand Treasurer of the realm, and he/she in turn was also Palatine Posnania and greater Crown cupbearer, when the war between Augustus II, King of Poland, and Carlos XII, King of Sweden. Having in charge the Confederation of Warsaw, the negotiation of a Treaty of peace near Carlos XII, acquired the friendship of this Prince, and got what they asked for. Shortly thereafter, having been declared vacant throne, he/she was elected King by the influence of the Sweden, in 1704. Carlos XII stated on the throne through a series of victories, they determined to Augustus to renounce the Crown; but after the Pultawa disaster, Estanislao was forced also to leave Poland in 1712. He/She accompanied Carlos XII to Bessarabia and Turkey, received a Duchy which was forced to leave the count Palatine Gustavo, and went to reside to Alsace. A few years later, in 1725, Luis XV married him to his daughter MarĂ­a Leczinska; in 1733, on the death of Augustus II, he/she was re-elected in Poland by a party that supported the France, but despite all their efforts, could not take possession of the Kingdom; besieged in Dantzig by a Russian army, he/she fled with large work to France, getting in 1738 under the Treaty of Vienna, the sovereignty of the Lorraine and the Duchy of Bar, as compensation for his Kingdom of Poland. He/She reigned for twenty-eight years in Lorraine, and had the happiness of that country deserve the nickname of benefactor. Favored letters, Sciences, raised monuments, and had a brilliant cut, which was always surrounded by sages.