Biography of Queen of Persia Esther (s. VI a.C.)

Hebrew who lived in the 6th century BC He/She was the niece of Mordecai, a together that lived in Susa, Court of Ahasuerus, King of Persia. This took her to wife after divorce the Queen Vasthi, ignoring the religion he/she professed. As his uncle Mardoqueo had done a service to the King, discovering a conspiracy hatched against her life, Ahasuerus granted him brilliant rewards that provoked the envy of Haman, the Prime Minister who was in amalekite race and therefore enemy of the Jewish people. In order to make them feel all his hatred he/she obtained from the King an order of prohibition against the Hebrews, but informed Esther by her uncle, fell at the feet of the King, confessed his origin, revealed the machinations of Haman, and got to revoke the order, turning their anger against Haman and his supporters, of whom were slaughtered a grown number.