Biography of Xinia Estrada Mena (1964-VVVV)

Narrator and Costa Rican poet, born in the province of San José on June 20, 1964. Daughter of a family numerous (is the ninth of twelve children), lived in rural areas where parents were seated until an accused humanistic vocation led and its progressive ideas, moved to the city of Heredia to pursue higher education there.

Indeed, he/she studied history at the National University of Heredia, city in which was forced to play the most diverse occupations to be able to pay for their studies. Thus, it was Secretariat, Assistant dental, dependent on store and working industrial activities that combined not only with dedication to their education, but also with strong political commitment, which led her to defend singular vigorously to women of their time and place, especially to those who had chosen to gather in communities. As political leader, first member of the directive Board of the Alliance of Costa Rican women, was to pass later to become the Manager of the women's newsletter, directed to the sector more progressive herediano feminism.

Married and mother of two, in 1992 Xinia Estrada Mena moved with his family to the United States of America, to settle down in the city of Las Vegas. In the North American nation, the writer has held throughout the 1990s in collecting data and testimonies from Hispanic-American women who have migrated illegally, for a report on these hard experiences which, moreover, have been reflected in his own literary production.

In his capacity as writer, Xinia Estrada broke into the costarriqueño cultural landscape as a result of his association with feminist issues and his desire to disseminate it through literary channels. Thus, in 1989, he/she wrote a story, presented under the title of "Woman, you are not alone", he/she was awarded the first prize in the contest CEFEMINA. Two years later, in 1991, he/she won two first prizes in the modalities of story and poetry in the contest organized by the municipality of Guadalajara (Mexico), framed in a twinning programme. Finally, more and more consolidated as one of the most prominent American short fiction and a poet worthy of consideration, cultivators was awarded the prestigious "poetry prize" awarded the national magazine of culture in 1992, for his poem entitled "Stone soul".


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