Biography of Eubúlides de Mileto (450-349 a.C.)

Greek philosopher, born in Miletus. It lived between the V and IV B.c. disciple of the founder of the school of Megara, Euclid, Eubulides was his successor in the same direction. Their sophistry, which pursues the reduction to the absurdity of the arguments of his opponents are famous. Of the seven mentioned Diógenes Laércio, the most famous are the "liar", and the "sorites". According to the first, who says "I lie", it is a statement both true and false, regardless of who talks tell the truth or lie. The fallacy of the sorites (of soros, 'heap' in Greek), is as follows: a grain of wheat is not a lot; If we add another, nor is a lot; When you start to be a lot? With these logical difficulties, Eubulides opposes apodicticity speech.