Biography of Duque de Aquitania Eudes (¿-735)

Duke of Aquitaine, son of Boggis, and his successor in 688. He reigned by conquest or by succession in the countries situated between the Loire, Ocean, the Pyrenees, the Septimania and the Rhone. Recognized as the ruler of Aquitaine by Chilperic II in 717, he coaligó with him against Carlos Martel; but defeated by the latter to the following year, it led to Aquitaine to the King and handed him his enemy. Defeated in 721 to the Saracens who had put site to Toulouse; but they made a new invasion in 732, took Bordeaux, completely destroyed the army of Eudes, and not stopped but by the arrival of Carlos Martel, who attended the appeal of the Duke, and defeated them between Tours and Poitiers. Eudes died in the 735, and left their States to his son Humaldo or Humoldo.