Biography of San Eulogio de Córdoba (¿-859)

Writer and religious, born in Córdoba, of noble family of Visigothic origin. He/She was a pupil of san Zoilo and Esparaindeo. Ordered priest and, soon after, had to depart for the North of the Peninsula to search a few brothers who had lost track. The trip helped him, in addition to to achieve some news of his brothers, to become with text unknown in the Córdoba occupied by Muslims, such as the Donato, the Aeneid, or the works of Horace and Juvenal. Begin the first Christian revolts against Islam in Cordoba, Eulogio became mired in them by their status as priest. Jailed for worshipping the first Christians beheaded in the Suppression of the mutiny as martyrs, Eulogius wrote his Memoriale Martyrum, as well as the Documentum Martyriale, intended to strengthen the faith of the Seville young Flora and María, threatened with the death penalty if not they renounced Christianity. In the year 858, he/she was elected Bishop of Toledo, headquarters, which did not deal with since he/she was arrested and beheaded the following year. Other works are the Liber apologeticum martyrum, an anthem to San Zoilo and different letters.