Biography of Queen of Bélgica Fabiola de Mora y Aragón (1928-VVVV)

Queen Consort of Belgium, born in Madrid on June 11, 1928, baptized as Fabiola Fernanda María de Victorias de Mora y Aragon, daughter of the Marquess of Casa Riera and count of Mora. For political reasons, during his childhood the family resided in various European cities, first in the French town of Angles, when it proclaimed in Spain the second Republic, later in Paris, and finally, during the Civil War, in the Swiss city of Lausanne. He/She completed his primary studies in Rome and Paris, and now back in Spain, took courses in nursing in the Spanish military health, knowledge that had the opportunity to put into practice in the Madrid's Gomez Ulla hospital. Speaks four languages - French, English, German and Italian - perfectly, and is the author of children's stories, which have seen the light in Spanish magazines such as Tin, Tan, and some books such as the twelve wonderful Tales (1955).

Became Queen Consort of Belgium as a result of her marriage with the King Baudouin I in 1960. In 1990, the deep Catholic convictions of the Kings of Belgium made them renounce the throne one day to not ratify a law which established the possibility of terminating the pregnancy, what not prevented them to retake the Crown the next day, when the Parliament had already signed such a law. Fabiola ceased to be Queen of Belgium definitely in 1993, when he/she became widow, since according to the Constitution of this country, the consort of the late may not succeed him on the throne. Thus, became the Queen Fabiola, while his position on the throne went to Paola di Calabria, wife of his brother-in-law, Alberto rey, since Balbuino and Fabiola had no offspring. Currently, the Queen Fabiola is dedicated to works of charity and to continue at the head of the Foundation King Baudouin, created in 1976 to combat poverty and promote ecology and aid to the third world.