Biography of Zoltan Fabri (1917-1994)

Hungarian filmmaker born on October 15, 1917 and died on August 23, 1994 in Budapest.


In his hometown, he/she studied painting and decoration at the Academy of fine arts, and interpretation at the Academy of dramatic art. He/She graduated in 1941, his first steps in the world of the spectacle gave as production designer and director in a small theatre company. He/She worked as artistic director in the production company Mafilm, one of the most important in Hungary after the second world war. He/She made his debut as a director with the film Gyarnat to fold Alatt (1951). Critical filmmaker with the institutions and customs of his country, his figure was used by the Hungarian Government to improve its image abroad during the years of the cold war. His cinema is rife with ironic references and deliberate social character.For years he/she combined his work as director with documentaries for television. He/She was work of Professor at the Academy of theatre and film in Budapest. His best-known work outside Hungary is Requiem (1982), which won the silver bear for best screenplay of the Berlin film festival. He/She died of a heart attack in 1994.


1951: Gyarnat to fold Alatt (Co-Director). 1952: Vihar. 1954: Eletjiel. 1955: Korhinta (and co-writer). 1956: Hannibal tanar ur (and co-writer). 1957: Bolond aprilis. 1959: Edes Anna (and co-writer); Duvad (and co-writer). 1961: Ket felid pokolban (and screenwriter). 1963: Nappali sotetseg. 1964: Húsz ora. 1966: Utoszezon.1968: A Pal utcai fiuk (and co-writer). 1971: Hangyaboly (and co-writer). 1972: Plusz minusz egy nap (and screenwriter). 1974: the unfinished sentence (and screenwriter). 1976: Az otodik pecset (and screenwriter). 1977: Hungarian (and screenwriter). 1979: Balint Fablan talalkozasa istennel (and argument and screenwriter). 1982: Requiem (and screenwriter). 1983: Gyertek à nevnaponra.