Biography of Luis. Marqués de los Vélez Fajardo (ca.1500-1573)

Spanish writer about which we have very confusing data. Biography, and even the literary work, this author are extremely problematic, because under the name of Luis Fajardo, second Marquis of los Vélez, and with dates who lead this entry includes Simón Díaz in his bibliography of Spanish literature three historical works, two of them very after the death of his alleged. He was ahead most of the Kingdom and captain general of the Alpujarras, area in which there were faced with the ringleader Aben-Humeya. These clashes referred to the real relationship taken from a letter [...] what happened to the Marquis of los Vélez [...] with the Moorish revealed (1579), who attributed Simón Díaz. The other two works are a relationship of as D. Luis Fajardo became the conquest of the port of la Marmora, on how he won and fortified and some events that it had (1614) and a list of people who were identified in the event that had the armada of the ocean sea's captain general D. Luis Fajardo day which came into the Bay of Tunisia (1617). As we shall see, both the dates of these relationships and events that prevent awarding them a character who died forty years ago. Probably, the illustrious philologist committed an oversight, of absolutely understandable in work of the caliber that rushing, confusing to the second Marquis of los Vélez with another Luis Fajardo, probably from the same family, who lived at the beginning of the 17TH century, who was Admiral of the ocean sea from 1613 and that distinguished itself in deeds as seizure of La Goleta (1612) and taking of la Mamora (1614)a fact that had relevance in the Spanish way of life, so far as being narrated by Tirso de Molina in Marta the pious and referred to in one of the relationships that Simón Díaz attributed to your own boom. This second Luis Fajardo don't know dates of birth and death, as well as other details (including their belonging to the lineage of the Fajardo, who showed the Marquis of los Vélez) of his biography that are not references to his naval triumphs.


Simón Díaz, José; Bibliography of Spanish literature, volume X, Madrid, 1972.