Biography of Juan Falcón (¿-1542 a quo)

Spanish doctor born in Sariñena (Huesca) in date unknown and who died in Montpellier after 1542. Renowned urologist, was also Dean of the prestigious Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montpellier and personal physician of King Francisco I of France.

The news from the birthplace of Falcon, are confusing because, while some authors are decanted by Sariñena, others, relying on some certificates that were spared him, claim that it was natural of Alerlette. Nor the place where he/she made his studies is safe and, although in Vauclase files is a Falco Jean enrolled in the Faculty of medicine in Avignon, there are authors who claim that he/she studied in Zaragoza. What is certain is that from 1498 figure on the list of teachers who teach at the University of Montpellier. In 1505 he/she was appointed one of the four doctors Regents University, where he/she replaced Jean Garcin. In 1529, came to the Dean of your faculty position which held until shortly before his death in 1540 or 1541.

The two works published Falcon are comments to medieval authorities. The first, Les notable sur declaratifs le Guidon, is dedicated to the surgical work of Guy de Chauliac. In the second, Magnae in Practicam Antonii Guaynerii, as its title indicates, glossing the Treaty of medicine by the Italian Antonio Guarnerio.Inserto inside of the purest galenism avicenista, Falcon figure more interested in based on their charges to his work.



Les notable declaratifs sur Duidon, Paris, D. Ianot, 1513. Of Garaldis, 1518.Ver López Piñero and Bijosa in Practicam Antonii Guaynerii, Padua, B. Magnae et to the. for the reissues of both works in France and translations of the first published in Spain.


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