Biography of Juan Crisóstomo Falcón (1820-1870)

Politically and militarily Venezuelan, born in Tabes in 1820 and died in Fort-de-France in 1870. With a distinctly progressive liberal, led, together with the general Zamora, the federalist revolt of 1859 that opposed Julián Castro's regime. Years later, in 1862, he/she was at the forefront of the movement of opposition to the dictatorship of Paez. The triumph of the party who commanded him was elected President in 1863, position he/she held until two years before his death; During this period he/she published the Decree of guarantees, it did abolish the death penalty and promulgated the Constitution of 1864. In 1867, he/she was overthrown in a revolutionary uprising, under the command of which was general Monagas, causing him to exile in Europe. He/She died as he/she was returning to his country, with the same political ideals that had guided its political struggle.