Biography of Carlo Farinelli (1705-1782)

Italian singer whose real name was Carlo Broschi. His pseudonym is derived from their protectors, the brothers Farina. After being castrated, was a disciple of father Salvatore Brosca and after Porpora in Naples. Probably he/she made his debut there at age 15 with the Serenade Angelica e Medoro (1720), represented first libretto of Metastasio. These beginnings in common resulted in the friendship between the singer and poet. At age 18, Farienlli was already one of the major singers of the time, able to interpret roles of great virtuosity. It triumphed in Naples, Rome, Bohemia, Vienna, London, Paris and Madrid, where, favoured by the Court, was director of the Royal theatres for twenty-two years, until 1759. During this time he/she played chamber works, directed the works that were produced there, and also performed the role (although not officially) of Royal Adviser. Finally he/she was knighted and in 1761 settled in Bologna, where he/she died in 1782.

It was an extension of three octaves, sopranist, and joined a great vocal power a musical sense, a culture and a feeling that made him an artist unique, able to cover most of the composers. In addition, he/she wrote some aires.


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