Biography of King of Egipto Faruk (1920-1965)

King of Egypt from 1936 until 1952. He/She was born in Cairo in 1920 and died in Rome in 1965. He/She succeeded on the throne his father, Fuad I, to his death. From his exaltation to the throne, he/she supported a clearly nationalist policy. In his coronation speech, requested the evacuation of the British forces which guarnecĂ­an the area of the Suez canal and the annexation of Sudan, condominium angloegipcio, as stipulated in the Treaty signed in 1936. He/She tried to eliminate the main political party, the Wafd, to govern effectively; but in 1942, Britain imposed him as Minister to Nahhas low. After the war, in 1952, Faruk dismissed Nahhas; but a military coup forced him to abdicate and fled the country. He/She settled in Italy. Deprived of his Egyptian nationality (1958), nationalized Monegasque (1959).