Biography of William Faulkner (1897-1962)

American writer; born in New Albany in 1897 and died in Oxford on July 6, 1962. It came from an aristocratic family come less after the civil war. In 1902 he/she moved to Oxford. During the World War II he/she fought in the French front as a flier. He/She became known with a volume of poetry, the marble Faun. In 1921, he/she worked as a journalist in New Orleans and in 1926 wrote his first novel, Soldier completo Pay (translated as the soldier pay); in 1929 he/she began to address the decline of the South through families Compson and Sartoris in The Sound and the Fury (sound and fury); However, most of his fame is derived from its commercial The Sound and the Fury in 1929 (sound and fury); However, most of his fame is derived from a clearly commercial work: Sanctuary of 1930; in 1932, his career returned to initial runway with Light in August; in 1936, his fame took hold through Absalom!

In 1950 he/she received the Nobel Prize; in 1955, he/she received the Pulitzer Prize. His work has been read into key sociological, existential or mythical. It is dominated by forms of articulation of the plot, the jumbled chronology, the fragmentary enigmas that run through his novels, whose powerful and complex narrative structures offer the reader the process, sometimes tragic, the acquisition of knowledge. The influence exerted by this writer about the novelists of the 20th century has been extraordinary.

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