Biography of King of Sajonia Federico Augusto II (1790-1854)

King of Saxony born in 1790 and died in 1854. He/She was the son of Prince Maximiliano, younger brother of Kings Federico Augusto I and Antonio, and one of his sisters was Josefa Amalia, wife of Fernando VII of Spain. It served in the armies allied against Napoleon in 1815. He/She then traveled Europe, showing great interest in the sciences and the arts. Named general in Chief of the army in his country, provided services of importance in uproar that erupted during the reign of his uncle, managing to appease them by sympathy which enjoyed among the people. It was associated with the Government by their uncle and succeeded him on the throne in 1836, by his father, Maximiliano, have renounced all his rights. He/She immediately convened an Assembly which made some liberal reforms: it authorized the construction of the first railway between Dresden and Leipzig, made some temporary concessions in 1848 to calm the popular concern, and spent the remainder of his days delivered to science, especially to Botany, which was his greatest passion.