Biography of Federico I. King of Dinamarca y Noruega (1471-1533)

King of Denmark (1523-1533) and Norway (1524-1533), nicknamed the Pacific, born in the city of Copenhagen in the year 1471 and died in the town of Gottorp in 1533.

Cristian I'sson, the nobility sublevada against his nephew Cristian II chose you as King in the year 1523, following the dismissal of this. It was the King who established in Denmark and Norway the Lutheran religion in the year 1526, which resulted in a concussion and a process of very rapid change in customs and religious applications, which until that time had prevailed both in Denmark and in Norway. The introduction of the reform is one of the most important problems which this King had to face in his reign. He died at Gottorp where had taken up residence after the accession to the throne. His son Cristian IIIsucceeded him.