Biography of el Sabio Federico III de Sajonia (1463-1525)

Elector of Saxony, son of Ernesto; born, in Torgau, 17 January 1463 and died on 5 may 1525. He/She succeeded his father in the electorate, while the Government of the remaining domains shared it with his brother Juan el Constante, always to exist better harmony between the two. It was a tolerant and cultured Prince, was in relation to many scholars of the time, and founded the University of Wittemberg.

In politics it belonged to the party of Mainz Bertoldo, who advocated the reform of the Constitution of the Empire, and in 1500 when carried out this, Federico III served as Chairman of the Committee responsible for developing it. Although the voter was a fervent Catholic, his court was the birthplace of the reformation movement for hosting to Luther, Melanchthon and others who came to the aid of the first.

On the death of Maximiliano was offered the imperial crown, which refused, instead working for the election of Carlos V. In the last years of his life, without openly converted to Lutheranism, it allowed the reformed religion to spread unimpeded in his country and defended it against violence, commune in the deathbed under two forms. At his death his brother Juan succeeded him.