Biography of San Federico (¿ - 838)

Bishop and martyr of Utrecht died in the year 838. During his adolescence and youth san Sigfrido dealt with their education, who was then Bishop of the same diocese. To the death of the Saint, Federico was acclaimed by everyone, both the clergy and the people, to be the successor of Siegfried, not only because of the virtues and the science that the young priest had shown, but also because no one better than him, who had lived in intimate communication with the Holy, could take charge of the diocese. However, humility and modesty of Federico made him refuse the charge, although it had no choice, ultimately accept it.

Already in the episcopal Chair, was greater commitment their Diocesan customs reform, especially in the island of Walcheren (located in the North Sea), in which a dissolute atmosphere reigned. During his tenure is also credited having converted to the Catholic faith to the Arian heretics of Friesland.

Precisely after this campaign, when he had visited his diocese and was giving thanks in the chapel of san Juan Bautista, on 18 July of the year 838, two individuals swarmed over him and dealt him several stab wounds that cost him life. However, the hagiographers are not in agreement in the real cruel murder case, since some attribute the tragic order the Empress Judith, second wife of the Emperor Luis, whose union considered incestuosa Bishop, while others put it in doubt, led by the renowned kindness of the Queen.

His Saint's day is celebrated the day of his death, July 18.