Biography of Gertrude Fehr (1895-1996)

German photographer born in Mainz on March 5, 1895 and died in 1996. He/She studied photography at the Bavarian School of photography in Munich and in the workshop of master Edward Wasow. Shortly after finishing his apprenticeship, set up a photographic studio dedicated fundamentally to the theatre and to the portrait technique. The rise of Hitler and the establishment of the Third Reich (see the corresponding section in the Reich voice) forced you to close his Studio and to emigrate to Paris. Installed in the French capital with her husband, the painter Jules Fehr, there opened her own school of photography: PUBLI-phot.

In Paris he/she found the artistic atmosphere of maximum avant-garde of the time, which quickly came into contact and, influenced by him, began his photographic experiments. In those moments was patent in it the tremendous influence of the most transgressive fotografo-pintor of the moment, Man Ray, which he/she considered "fascinating". Like him, he/she started the solarization process. The solarization of Fehr, unlike the Ray, are works that although they are due to an experimental effort, have a bill that resembles the academic charcoal drawing. If it were not for the difference in procedures, its "Odile" (1940) seems rather an image enhanced by traditional procedures by photographic avant-garde.

After their solarizadas proposals, his work turned to photomontage into abstraction, a field of professional photography very little frequented at that time. The outbreak of war forced her to close the PUBLI-phot and migrate again, this time to Switzerland, where he/she founded the school of Fehr, an Institute of education where he/she attempted to realize his ideal of what should be a school of photography.

At the end of the war he/she gave his school to the public school of Arts and crafts in Vevey, where he/she developed his work as teacher for fifteen years and influenced students that later would be great authors of photography, such as Monique Jacot and Jeanloup Sieff.

From the Decade of the 1960s, and working as a freelance photographer, returned to devote itself to the technique of the portrait. However, although his work is of impressive invoice, for many years remained ignored in your private files.