Biography of Fernandel (1903-1971)

Actor in French cinema born in Marseille (France) on May 8, 1903 and died in Paris on February 26, 1971. His real name was Fernand Joseph Désiré Contandin.

He was born in a vocationally dedicated the show business family. His father introduced him to the world of the Café-concert. Very young he made their first appearances and 13 made his professional debut, touring the country with some companies. With 25 years he was discovered by Marc Allégret for cinema, and played a role in two short films, La meilleure boboni and J' j'ai quelque chose à vous dire (both in 1930).

From this moment, and without leaving the theatre, where he arrived to perform several important tours, began a film career very intense, intervening without rest in short and feature films for directors as diverse as Jean Renoir (the purge of the baby, 1931), Anatole LitvakK (heart of LILACS, 1931) or Julien Duvivier (Carnet de dance, 1937) and working with actors such as RaimuJean Gabin and Michel Simon, among others.

He began to exceed the average level of their work when the writer and director Marcel Pagnol called to intervene in films as Angèle (1934), Regain (1937), both adaptations of works by Jean Giono, and storm of souls (1941), a major success in his career, which gave body to some of the most simple and human (although it was serious roles), which were those who began to popularize the face of Fernandel, not very favoured but friendly. At this time own actor decided to direct some films, such as Simplet (1942) and Adrien (1943), irregular result.

Its ability to make laugh transcended from his very presence on screen, and showed his genius interpretive moments and simplest circumstances, from which emanated the heat and the feeling that the people of great heart. Its popularity (a myth for the French cinema) reached unimaginable heights when he played the priest in the series of films about Don Camilo, the character emerged from the novel by Giovanni Guareschi, and directed by Julien Duvivier (Don Camilo, 1951;) Le retour de Don Camillo, 1953), with whom he worked on other films, Walk Gallone (Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone, 1955;) Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo, 1961) and Luigi Comencini (comrade Don Camilo, 1965).


Short films

1930: Le meilleure boboni; J' j'ai quelque chose à vous dire. 1931: Brac a Bric at Cie; Attaque nocturne; Live the classe; PAS a mot à ma femme; Fine you combine. 1932: Une brume piquante; Le terreur de la Pampa; Quand your nous tiens amour; Ordonnance malgré lui; Comme une carpe; A beau jour de noces; Par habitude; The tap; Maruche. 1933: Ca colle; The d'Anatole veine; Lidoire. 1945: Irma the cartomancie. 1946: Comédiens ambulants; Philomène. 1947: Escale au soleil. 1956: L'art d' être papa; You telephone.

Feature films

1931: Le blanc et le noir; The purge of the baby; Paris-Beguin; Heart of lilacs. 1932: Living the classe; Man without a name; Elixir of love; Le Rosier de Madame Husson; Les gaietes de l'escadron; Le jugement de minuit. 1933: The Ordinance; the 96 Cavalry; Le coq du Régiment; D'amour et d'eau fraiche; Aviateur Ademai. 1934: The concierge of the factory; Une nuit de folies; Le train de huit heures quarante-sept; Le cheri of sa concierge; Hotel du free exchange; Le cavalier Lafleur; Les bleus of the marine. 1935: Les gaites of the finance; Jim the houlette; Ferdinand le noceur. 1936: Josette; One of the legion. 1937: Dance card; Regain; Les rois du sport; Ignace; Francis I; Hercule; Les degourdis of the 11eme. 1938: Le schpountz; Tricoche et cacolet; Raphaël le tatoue; The machaquita; Ernest le rebelle. 1939: The return to the world of Lavarède; Berlingot et compagnie; Stay diner; Fric-Frac. 1940: Monsieur Hector; L' Héritier des Mondésir. 1941: Storm of souls; Le club des soupirants; L' Acrobat. 1942: Simplet (and Co-Director); Les petits riñes. 1943: Une vie de chien; The bonne etoile; The cavalcade des heures; In le criez pas sur les toits; Adrien (and Manager). 1944: La merveilleuse nuit; A chapeau de paille d'Italie. 1945: Le Mystère Saint-Val; NAIS; Les gueux au paradis. 1946: Petrus; L'aventure Cabassou. 1947: Coeur de coq; Émile l'africain. 1948: L'armoire volante; Yes ca peut vous faire plaisir. 1949: L' heröique Monsieur Boniface; On request an assassin; Botta e risposta. 1950: Meurtres; Casimir; Uniforms et large manoeuvres; Adhemar ou le jouet the fatalite. 1951: Tu m'as the vie sauve; Topaze; Don Camilo; L'Auberge rouge; Boniface somnambule. 1952: Le fruti défendu; The table aux crevés; Coiffeur pour dames; The small Feliciano. 1953: Le retour de Don Camillo; Public enemy No. 1; Carnival. 1954: Alí Baba and the forty thieves; Mademoiselle Nitouche; Le mouton à cinq pattes. 1955: Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone; Le printemps, l'automne et L'Amour. 1956: The love of Don Juan; Le couturier de ces dames; Around the world in eighty days; Four steps in the clouds; Honoré de Marseille. 1957: The man in the raincoat; SÉNÉCHAL magnifique le; Le chomeur de Clochemerle. 1958: The spell of Paris; The law is the law; Les vignes du seigneur; The vie à deux. 1959: Us gangsters; The cow and the prisoner; Le confident de ces dames. 1960: Estoril and festivals; Cresus; Cocagne; Le caïd. 1961: The last judgment; Dynamite Jack; The murderer is in the Guide; Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo. 1962: The devil and the ten commandments; Avanti music; Le voyage à Biarritz. 1963: The gangsters panic; The cuisine au beurre; Le bon roi Dagobert. 1964: L' âge ingrat; Relaxe-toi Chérie. 1965: Don Camilo comrade. 1966: La bourse et the vie; L'homme to the buick; Le voyage du Père. 1968: A quiet villeggiatura. 1970: Heureux qui comme Ulysse.