Biography of Luis Manuel Fernández de Portocarrero (1635-1709)

Cardinal Portocarrero. Cathedral. Toledo.

Cardinal and Spanish politician, born in 1635 and died in Toledo in 1709. His first position in the power played it as a Viceroy in Sicily, where he became very popular to get peace for the island, even though it can be said that the circumstances favored him, since the gala fleet was burnt by the Dutch. From there it jumped to the peninsula, where it was required to be Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain. His high ecclesiastical hierarchy allowed him to positions close to the Crown, and thus, was State Councillor during the last years of the reign of Carlos II, who exercised a notable influence; It came even to convince him to make Testament in favor of José Fernando de Baviera first and, later, the French candidate, the Duke of Anjou, grandson of Luis XIV, who sat on the throne in Spanish under the name of Felipe V, and that Cardinal appointed his Prime Minister in 1701.

The Cardinal, who had already occupied the Regency in the country with the Queen Mary of Neoburgo, failed to be at the height of the circumstances raised by the new situation. It was unable to cope with the economic problems of the Kingdom, and requested the help of the French Orry, which earned him enmity among the Spaniards, jealous nobles that came to the French preference in the granting of senior. As a result of these facts, the King took the step of sending to Toledo, in charge of the Diocese of this city, but Portocarrero, jilted with real decision, decided to put their sympathies on the side of the Austrians during the war of succession. When the French later regained Toledo, returned to recognize as King to Felipe, he was punished to pay a hefty fine, but never provided him any political office.