Biography of Matilde Fernández (1950-VVVV)

Matilde Fernández Sanz.

Politics Spanish, born in Madrid on January 24, 1950, Minister of Social Affairs, Socialist Deputy for Cantabria and Executive Secretary of the Federal Executive Committee (CEF) of the PSOE.

Graduated in philosophy and letters, branch psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1972. He/She then specialized in Industrial Psychology and Social and he/she worked for several companies in personnel selection and training, but was dismissed for his trade union ideology. In 1973 he/she joined as a member of the Socialist Labor Spanish party (PSOE) and a year later in the General Union of workers (UGT). He/She was elected Secretary of the Federal Executive Committee (CEF) and took charge of the women's secretariat until 1988; that same year, he/she was named Executive Secretary attached to the Secretariat of economic, social and Trade Union Affairs and he/she held the portfolio of the newly created Department of Social Affairs, from which launched the Plan of equality of opportunities for women, encouraged the tourism for the elderly, and carried out the Plan geriatric and gerontological.

In 1989 he/she was elected Deputy of the PSOE by Cantabria and confirmed in his position as Minister of Social Affairs; the following year, was re-elected Secretary of the Executive Committee of the party, and in 1991 confirmed in front of the Ministry of Social Affairs, who left in 1993, when it was replaced by Cristina Alberdi and went on to occupy a seat in the lists by Cantabria. From 1994 he/she was responsible for the immigration policy of the Executive Federal Committee of the PSOE Secretariat, since it made since 1996 with the Socialist Deputy for Cantabria.

Socialist councillor in the city of Madrid since 1999, in 2003 announced that it was abandoning active politics to retrieve his profession as a psychologist. Despite this announcement, the episode of turncoat that the Comunidad de Madrid lived after the municipal and regional elections and vacated the post of Chairman of the Madrid Executive, after a political scandal without precedent, attained Fernández to reconsider its decision. Once again elections called to the community of Madrid for the 26 October 2003, the former Minister agreed to occupy the number two on the list headed by the regional Socialist leader Rafael Simancas.