Biography of King of Nápoles Ferrante I (1424-1494)

King of Naples, natural son of Alfonso the magnanimous; born in 1424 and died in 1494. He/She succeeded his father in 1458 and had by competitors to Juan of Aragon, his uncle, and Juan de Anjou, Duke of Calabria, who defeated him near Nola and San Fabián; but thanks to the intervention of Pope Pius II, who did attend the famous Skanderbeg of Albania and put him at the forefront of supporters of Fernando, could this take possession of his Kingdom in 1463. He/She was a Prince false and cruel; his people revolted several times against his tyranny; but it managed to keep its authority by means of terror. He/She introduced the printing press in Naples and protected the letters, industry and trade. It is the first who took the title of King of Naples, and left the throne to his son Alfonso II.