Biography of Bartolomé Ferrelo (s. XVI)

Spanish sailor, who lived in 1543. He accompanied the Expedition commanded by Juan Rodrigo Cabrillo, and designed by don Antonio Mendoza, Viceroy of Mexico, to recognize the West coast of California as pilot. This expedition consisted of two ships, San Salvador and la Victoria, whose command took the Ferrer return, due to the death of Cabrillo, and arrived in New Spain after a journey of nine months, in which arrived to the 42 ° lat. North, and between other lands discovered the tip of Trinidad in Santa Margarita Island; the ports of Magdalena, Santa Catalina and Santiago in Asuncion; the island of San Esteban (Nativity today); the ports of Santa Clara, poor shelter and St. Bernard; the port of possession (today's the eleven thousand virgins); the port of San Agustín in the island of San Martín; that of San Miguel (now San Diego); the islands of San Salvador and Victoria (today San Clemente and Santa Catalina); those of San Lucas (today San Bernardo); the port of all Saints; Bay pines, and finally found the mouth of a large river believed to be that Martín Aguilar recognized in 1603 near Cabo Blanco.