Biography of Jacques Ferron (1921-1985)

Novelist and playwright Canadian French, born in 1921 in Louiseville, Quebec, and died on April 22, 1985. Educated at the Collège Brébeuf, graduated in medicine at Université Laval. He received the award of the Gouverneur Général with Contes du pays incertain (tales of a hypothetical country, 1962).

Within its novelistic and dramatic production emphasizes the negative aspects of society in his country, although he has fought for the separatist cause in the Canadian French-speaking.Within his narrative production, his first novel the barbe François Hertel (1951), is an imaginative and ironic work putting on ridiculous François Hertel (Rodolphe Dubé) intelligence. Also, importantly, Cotnoir (1962), La nuit (the night, 1965), the phantom (1968), Le ciel de Québec (1969), Le salut de l'Irlande (greetings from Ireland, 1970) and Les confitures de coings (meat of quince, 1972).

He wrote numerous plays. We find reminiscences of Molière, Miravaux and Labiche in Le licou (1947), L´ogre (the ogre, 1949), Le dodu, ou Le prix du bonheur (1956), Le cheval de Don Juan (the horse of Don Juan, 1957), Tante Élise, ou Le prix de l´amour (1958), Cazou, ou Le prix virginité (1963) and Le coeur d´une Mère (the heart of a mother1969); in all of them he ridicules the conventions and rituals of love. His style is fun, ironic and symbolic in l´americaine, ou Le triomphe de l´amite (1958), Les grands soleils (1958) and La tête du roi (the King's head, 1963).