Biography of Álvaro de. Conde de Romanones Figueroa y Torres (1863-1950)

Alvaro Figueroa, count of Romanones.

Spanish politician. Son of the Marqués de Villamejor, one of the richest men of his time. He/She studied law at the Universidad Central de Madrid and holds a PhD in political law in Bologna.

His political career was always linked to the Liberal Party. He/She was elected Alderman of the city of Madrid and shortly after a member of courts by Guadalajara. Appointed mayor in 1884 and, for the second time, in 1898. Three years later it became part of the Government as Minister of public instruction and fine arts, building in 1905 and, subsequently, took charge of the portfolios of grace, justice and Interior. The Congress President in 1909. The King commissioned him to form a Government in 1912 and 1914. He/She was supporter of intervention in the first world war by the allies.

In 1918 he/she returned to deal with the portfolio of grace and justice. Again be entrusted the task of forming a Cabinet in 1919. Senator for Guadalajara in 1923, became President of the Senate, who played when the State of Primo de Rivera coup took place. Requested, without success, the announcement of the cuts, and even to be sanctioned with a hefty fine for his opposition to the Government led by the Marquis of Estella. After the fall of Primo de Rivera was Minister of State.

To implement the second Republic in 1931, it assumed responsibility for the transfer of powers of the monarchical regime to the Republican, collecting was a success since it was performed without disturbing the public order. He/She continued with his political activity as a member for Guadalajara, re-elected in 1933 and 1936, and defended Alfonso XIII when he/she was accused in the constituent courts.

At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil war is located in San Sebastián, from where you get to go to France, and from there to the national area. In November 1936 he/she carried out a useless and late management to release to José Antonio Primo de Rivera. He/She served as President of the Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando and the Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum. Member of the Commission on the illegitimacy of acting powers on July 18, 1936, founded in 1938. Member of the Academy of history.

His works include: notes from a life, the political responsibilities of the ancien régime, the parliamentary regime and the Governments of Cabinet and the four Presidents of the Republic.

Monument to the count of Romanones. Guadalajara.