Biography of Eduardo de Filippo (1900-1984)

Italian playwright and actor. He/She was born in Naples, and died in Rome. From 1920 to 1944, along with his brothers, Peppino and Titina, he/she directed a theatre company of his property. His own company represented the plays that he/she wrote. With Titina was until 1951, and solo during the following years. The central character of his work tends to be the Pulcinella of Neapolitan popular tradition. Rogue, and naive character by everyone, always recovers from the misfortunes thanks to laughter, sleep and wisdom. The environment where the Punchinello moves is everyday life, so life is full of suffering. It is a character that has in itself a great dignity. We must remember: Christmas in casa Cupiello's, 1931; Naples millionaire, 1945; Filomena Marturano, 1946; These ghosts, 1946; Inside voices, 1948; My family, 1955; My love and my heart, 1955; De Pretore Vincenzo, 1957; Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 1959; The Mayor of the Sanità district, 1961; The monument, 1970; The tests do not end ever, 1973; all these works are gathered in the theatre of Eduardo, 1975.